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Who We Are

Our process-driven approach not only helps clients achieve their goals efficiently and with better results, but also helps them better understand the process so they can make the best decisions for themselves, their business, and their family.

We emphasize using simple, direct language, and we believe strongly in keeping things transparent and understandable.

attorney Ben Brickweg

Meet Ben Brickweg, Esq.

Attorney at Law

As the Founder of Sagewood, Ben leads client development initiatives and works directly with families and business owner clients primarily in the outdoors industry, resort & mountain town markets, and energy services segment.
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We recognize that we must recognize and appreciate humanity in interactions to create the right outcomes for clients, partners, and everyone we encounter.


We are masters at distilling down complex documents, structures, and situations to help each other make decisions quickly and pragmatically and focus on what’s essential.


We collaborate inside and outside our company to maximize our shared knowledge and bring greater value to one another and most importantly, to our clients.


We bring straightforward, clear, and useful solutions without hype, ego, or excuses to deliver better results both internally and externally.


We embrace creativity, big ideas, morbid curiosity, and out-of-the box approaches to bring innovation to our stakeholders and our business process.


We are persistent and dedicated no matter the obstacles, and we always honor commitments to the best of our ability by whatever means necessary.