About us

Our Story

This is the Sagewood Way.

We’re taking a stand to revolutionize the experience of how businesses are bought and sold, by providing straight-forward, useful, and clear solutions to buying and selling a business. Here at Sagewood, it is our experienced passionate professionals and our comprehensive process-driven solutions that set us apart.

We believe in empowering business buyers and sellers with the resources needed to plan, structure, and execute a business sale transaction on their terms.

The critical piece we bring to each and every client engagement is how we boost the value of your business and improve your bottom line. Helping our clients “build valuable and sellable businesses” isn’t just a tagline – it’s what we live and breathe every day.

Our Why…

With everything we do, we aim to guide business owners through transitions on their journeys of business ownership. We work intelligently, quickly, and strategically to provide obnoxious value to our clients. We work with our clients to identify the “right” outcome for their situation, and then we go get it done. No excuses. No hand-wringing. No watching from the sidelines waiting for action. And definitely no bullshit.

Our People

Our team includes experienced deal-makers, analysts, attorneys, business owners, and former business executives with the experience to guide you through every step of the M&A process.

Our Values

At Sagewood, we believe in taking care of the people we work with, and providing consistent quality services. Learn more about our company’s values, and how we hold ourselves accountable to the people we work with in everything we do.


We do the right thing, even when no one is watching, allowing us to make smart, deliberate decisions with the utmost integrity, at all times.



We know that we must recognize and appreciate humanity in interactions to create the right outcomes for clients, partners, and everyone we encounter.



We are masters at distilling down complex documents, structures, and situations to help each other make decisions quickly and pragmatically and focus on what’s essential.


We collaborate inside and outside our company to maximize our shared knowledge and bring greater value to one another and most importantly, to our clients.


We bring straightforward, clear, and useful solutions without hype, ego, or excuses to deliver better results both internally and externally.



We embrace creativity, big ideas, morbid curiosity, and out-of-the box approaches to bring innovation to our stakeholders and our business process.



We are persistent and dedicated no matter the obstacles, and we always honor commitments to the best of your ability by whatever means necessary.