Our story

Our Story

At Sagewood, our journey began with a vision to empower entrepreneurs in creating exit-worthy businesses—enterprises with sustainable enterprise value that can be sold and transferred. We believe that every business owner deserves to walk away from their journey with a sense of achievement and a valuable asset that stands the test of time.

Our Driving Force:

With a team of passionate and experienced professionals, we set out to guide business owners through the complexities of various business transactions. Whether it’s buying a business, selling a business, planning exit strategies, or building value, our goal is to ensure that each step contributes to the larger endgame—an exit-worthy enterprise.

Unlocking Enterprise Value:

We are more than just business brokers, investment bankers, and mergers and acquisitions advisors. We are dedicated exit strategists and business valuation strategy consultants. Our expertise lies in identifying and enhancing the enterprise value within each business, making it a valuable, sellable, and transferable asset.

The Art of Building an Exit Worthy Business:

Creating an exit-worthy business is not just a transaction; it’s a strategic journey. We liken it to constructing a masterpiece, where each brushstroke matters. With a combination of hard work, determination, and strategic planning, we help business owners lay the foundation for a successful exit and a rewarding future.

Experience and Insight:

Drawing from a wealth of experience and insights gained through working with a diverse range of business owners, we understand the unique challenges and aspirations that entrepreneurs face. Our team of professionals, including deal-makers, analysts, attorneys, and former business executives, provides comprehensive guidance through every step of the process.

Our Purpose:

At Sagewood, our purpose is clear—to assist entrepreneurs in creating exit-worthy businesses that will thrive well into the future. We believe in equipping business owners with the resources and knowledge needed to navigate the complex world of business transactions and achieve their long-term goals.

The Spirit of Sagewood:

Our founder, Benjamin Brickweg, Esq. MBA, embarked on this journey as a young professional, and through years of dedication and learning, he has distilled the essence of Sagewood—a passionate and experienced team committed to helping entrepreneurs succeed in their quest for exit-worthy enterprises.

As we continue to strive for excellence, we remain steadfast in our mission—to help business owners build and realize the value of their businesses, paving the way for a successful and fulfilling exit.

Our Story

Our Values


Our Transparent Fee Structure:

At Sagewood, we believe in a transparent and upfront fee structure that aligns with our respect-based philosophy. Unlike many others in the industry, we don’t believe in milking the clock or charging exorbitant upfront fees. Our unique retainer, work-for-you, and successfully modeled approach ensure that our interests are aligned with yours throughout the engagement.

A Focus on Value Delivered:

We charge fees based on the value we deliver. Our goal is to help you build a valuable, sellable, and transferable business, and our fees reflect the impact of our expertise and guidance in achieving this outcome. We are committed to providing exceptional value for your investment, ensuring that every step we take together leads to meaningful results.

No Hidden Costs or Abandonment:

You can trust that there will be no hidden costs or surprises along the way. Our transparent fee structure means you’ll always know what you’re paying for and what to expect. Additionally, we stand by our promise to be with you throughout the entire journey. We won’t abandon you when the going gets tough. Instead, we are dedicated to seeing your business transaction through to a successful conclusion.

At Sagewood, our respect-based philosophy extends to how we handle fees—we treat our clients with the same honesty, transparency, and care that underpins every aspect of our approach.