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Business Law

Business Law 

We help business owners, entrepreneurs, and freelancers protect their interests and minimize risk, wherever they are in the business lifecycle.  We particularly enjoy helping owners of small family run businesses evolve into lifestyle businesses that run without the day to day involvement of the owners and are sellable if and when the time is right.

Starting a Business

Whether you’re starting from scratch or buying an existing business, we help first time business owners and seasoned entrepreneurs with various services to set a stable foundation for success. 

Growing Your Business

As a trusted business & legal advisor who understands the balancing act between legal protection and operational freedom, we provide you with pragmatic, value-added legal services to help you build your business without breaking the bank.  We offer flat fee and subscription based billing to encourage open communication between your business and our legal team.

Selling Your Business

When it’s time to sell your business, whether for personal reasons or because you’ve been approached by a buyer, we’re ready to help.  Whether your transaction calls for selling to key employees, passing down to your family, or identifying and approaching strategic financial buyers, our SmartExit services help you create the right exit for you, your family, and your business.