Business For Sale

23-XXXX Valuable & Sellable Business

Company Overview

The Company has been a trusted machine tool distributor serving its surrounding area and many other parts of the
U.S for several decades.

It is located in one of the most diverse manufacturing centers in the country with offerings in equipment, training, and support.

Offers a variety of tools and machines, CNC machines, tooling and consumables.

Serving many industries including: Aerospace, Defense, Medical, Oil & Gas, Off-road Diesel, Automotive, Agricultural, Mold & Stamping.


✔ Well established and consistent business
✔ Strong cash flowing business
✔ Significant growth opportunities for the right team
✔ Consistent customer base
✔ Well-staffed with highly trained, experienced long term employees
✔ Machines and tools priced competitive to win customers
✔ 10,000 sq. ft. building

growth potential

Organic Growth: Company is poised for growth via expanding current customer base and reaching deeper into existing markets.
Geographic Expansion: Opportunity to broaden geographical reach based on numerous contracts with vendors that allow for selling solutions nationwide.
Talent Acquisition: Opportunity to hire full-time or Independent Contractor Sales professional(s) to expand current market penetration.

Financial Summary

2022 2021 2020
Revenue $1,641,152 $1,788,687 $1,210,404
SDE $225,884 $224,080 $85,414