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Estate Planning

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Paying for the nursing home doesn’t have to break the bank. Learn why talking to an expert can help preserve your assets and ensure proper care for your loved one.

You need a well designed estate plan if…

You need a well designed estate plan if…

You’ve Recently Relocated

When relocating, the process of finding a new attorney can be difficult. Booking a call with our firm makes the process easier, simpler and quicker.

You Don’t Even Have an Estate Plan

Creating a personal estate plan is key to predicating your life outcome. The best way to get started is by booking a call today.

You need to protect your children

Selecting guardians and fiduciaries for the physical and financial well-being of your children are some of the most important decisions you will make. Our expert attorneys can help.

You need to plan for and protect a loved one with special needs

Caring for loved ones that cannot care for themselves requires diligent and intentional planning to ensure they have the care and resources they need even when you are no longer around.

You need to protect a family business

Your family business is likely your most valuable asset. You’ve worked hard throughout the years to build your business. Proper planning ensures that it continues into the next generation.

You want to protect your legacy

You’ve spent a lifetime building something that matters and is worth remembering. Estate planning is more than just preserving assets, it’s also about passing on your story and your family values.

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Meet The Attorney

attorney Ben Brickweg

Benjamin J. Brickweg, Esq.


Ben Brickweg is an award-winning business & estate planning attorney, author, and owner of several small businesses. He’s the Founder of Sagewood, a legal and business advisory firm based in the foothills above Denver.

Client Success Stories

Benjamin is a smart, articulate lawyer and entrepreneur. If you are small business, his understanding of your challenges provides a unique perspective you will not find with most legal professionals. He is also practical – seeking out sensible remedies that minimize time and cost.
– D. Traxler
Not only is Ben one of the most authentic attorneys I know, but one of the most talented. Versed in business operations and law, his acumen, insight, intelligence and expertise is a benefit for anyone in today’s competitive market. His creative energy and intellectual know-how far exceeds the average attorney. A definite asset to help in a sale, acquisition, or simple legal operation of any business.
– D. Boehler
Ben is a rare example of a highly intelligent attorney that has chosen to apply his knowledge to a place that is often overlooked and vastly under-served and that is small businesses and entrepreneurs. In my work, it is difficult to find qualified legal resources for my clients that they can afford and benefit from. Ben has a long-term vision for his clients rather than the desire to simply post billable hours.
– L. Marquardt
Ben gets the deal done. He also understands the needs of his entrepreneur clients and focuses on achieving as many of those needs as possible in every business transaction.
– N. Silver
I had the pleasure of working with Benjamin Brickweg and was very impressed with his wealth of knowledge. Benjamin always responded to my calls in a timely matter and was more than willing to answer any of my questions. Benjamin was extremely trustworthy as well professional! I would highly recommend Benjamin and definitely work with him again.
– K. Fahey
Working with Ben has been and continues to be an outstanding experience. He takes the time to learn exactly what you need, provides expert recommendations and guidance, and you will never be surprised by his fees. If you need a rock solid attorney who cares about your success, give Ben a call.
– B. Devine
Gets the job done – even when “curve balls” are sent. Thanks Ben!
– R. Dougherty
I liked working with Ben because he strives to do law without all the overblown and hard to understand lingo. I like to be clear & accurate in my business transactions and he helped my business by creating legal documents that reflect that. He doesn’t have a “Whereas” or “Heretofore” in his body – that’s my kind of lawyer.
– C. Traxler
Knowing Ben and the very practical way he approaches business, I am always enlightened by talking and working with him. Not a “regular” lawyer, Ben knows business from the real world and has the tools to help.
– T. Jacobsen
Ben was referred to me by a trusted advisor who had worked with him in the past concerning buying a company. Ben is great to deal with, he took time to explain the buy/sell process and answer questions. He is easy going, friendly and knowledgeable. He is very good at what he does.
– J. Bergstrom

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