At Sagewood, our expertise spans across a wide range of industries and sectors, enabling us to provide tailored solutions to businesses of all shapes and sizes. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities that entrepreneurs face when it comes to buying, selling, and valuing their businesses. Our dedication to guiding clients fearlessly and confidentially extends to diverse industries and specialized sectors where we have a proven track record of success.

Our experience across these industries and sectors has taught us that each market has its unique dynamics. As your trusted guide, we leverage this knowledge to provide personalized strategies and solutions that align with your specific business goals.


  • Retail: Whether it’s brick-and-mortar establishments or e-commerce ventures, we have helped numerous retail businesses find the right path to exit and maximize their value.

  • Manufacturing: For businesses involved in manufacturing, our strategic approach ensures that their hard work translates into a sellable and valuable asset.

  • B2B Services: From professional services to consulting firms, we understand the intricacies of B2B sectors and offer targeted solutions for successful business transactions.

  • B2C Services: We cater to businesses that serve consumers directly, including companies in hospitality, education, and healthcare, providing the guidance they need for successful transitions.

  • Industrial: For businesses operating in industrial sectors, we bring our expertise to maximize their value and prepare them for seamless ownership transitions



  • Outdoors Industry: Our expertise in the outdoors industry allows us to serve businesses involved in hunting, fishing, camping, power sports, and firearms with precision and insight.
  • Enthusiast Brands: We specialize in working with businesses that cater to passionate enthusiasts, whether it’s automotive, sports, hobbies, or other lifestyle-oriented brands.
  • Recreation: From sporting equipment manufacturers to recreational facilities and related services, we help businesses in the recreation sector achieve their goals with confidence.
  • Oil and Gas/Natural Resources: We have experience in navigating the complexities of businesses in the oil and gas and natural resources sectors, providing comprehensive solutions for their unique needs.
  • Healthcare: Our expertise extends to businesses in the healthcare sector, helping healthcare providers and related businesses navigate the intricacies of the industry for successful business transactions